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The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak requires we all make changes to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens. To that end, Scales and Tails is committed to helping stop the spread of this virus and to protecting our family, customers, and employees. With the information we have available today, we have made the difficult decision to greatly reduce our hours of operation effective Saturday, March 21st. We will still be open to provide feeders and necessities to those who need them (while we have access to them) BUT it will be during very limited hours and we will not be permitting children under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian at this time. Please know that under normal circumstances, we LOVE and welcome guests of all ages to observe, learn about, and hold our animals, but we believe the risk is too great at this time to continue to do so. We have loved ones that are very susceptible to this virus so we hope you understand why we are taking such severe measures. We never want to disappoint you, our valued customers, and work hard to ensure you get the products you need when you need them. During this reduction of hours, we will work on making our online inventory more accessible for those that wish to place orders for pickup via our website. We are still committed to bringing you awesome customer service and if there is something we can help you with, just let us know.

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Your Reptile Experts

 We proudly provide you with the highest quality reptiles, terrariums, supplies, and feeders you’ll find anywhere.

Using the best trusted suppliers, we’re able to guarantee you the best quality animals money can buy. We stock all major brands of reptiles products including Zoo Med, Zilla, Exo Terra, Flukers and more!

You’ll find the help and expertise you need with each and every visit.

 From special orders to rare animals, you’ll find exactly what you’re seeking when you shop with us.

Custom products are available, along with the best variety of feeders around! 

New Animals Arriving Weekly! 

Stop by 1871 N. Nova Road, Holly Hill, FL to find our always updating inventory. 

Get only the best of the best in pets

Arachnids and scorpions

Chameleons and bearded dragons

Colubrids (king snakes, milk snakes, corn snakes)

Boas and pythons

Different turtles and tortoises

Frogs and amphibians

Lizards of all types and varieties

Monitors and skinks

Different varieties of geckos

Enjoy quality, brand-name products

Enclosures and custom terrariums

Water dishes and hiding spots

Variety of reptile substrate

Heat lamps and heated meters

UV lights and lamp stands

Mercury vapor light bulbs

Thermostats and timers

Rain systems and spray bottles

Various branches and grape vine

Dimmable and standard heat lamp fixtures

Special Order Reptiles

Scales and Tails works closely with the best breeders to bring you healthy animals. Looking for something we don't have in the store? No problem. We can order that for you and have it shipped to our store for free. 

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Premium Live Feeders

We take great care in being able to offer you the very BEST quality feeders 

Antibiotic Free Rodents

Bred for optimal health, our rodents are free of antibiotics. Our rodents are raised in a clean, healthy,  environment that includes the feeding of the highest quality rodent feed and filtered water to ensure the utmost level of health in our feeders. Healthy feeder rodents help to ensure the health of your animals.

Healthy, Gut-Loaded Insects

One of the most important things you must provide your reptile is a nutritious, varied diet for best health results. Our variety of insects are a rich source of protein and when gut loaded properly offer many other nutritional benefits to your animals. 

Live Feeders Offered At Scales and Tails

Healthy, High Quality Feeders

Delivered Weekly


Crude Protein approx.  61.8%

Crude Fat approx.  32.6%








Delivered Weekly


Crude Protein approx. 55.8%

Crude Fat approx. 23.8%






Delivered Weekly


Nutritional Value Varies


Box of 1000 

Cup of 30 Superworms 

Box of 1000 Superworms 

Cup of 70 Mealworms 

Box of 1000 Mealworms 

Cup of 50 Wax Worms

Discoid Roaches

Horn Worm  


Need A LOT of Feeders? 

Scales and Tails is Proud to offer exclusive pricing to our customers who order in bulk.

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