Our family-owned-and-operated store takes pride in offering personalized service and the absolute best quality in saltwater fish and coral. 

Florida's premier location for Saltwater Fish, Coral, Invertebrates, and Aquarium Maintenance

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After many years in the business we pride ourselves in providing you with the most honest & accurate advice, the best customer service, and most importantly the best quality and healthiest livestock.


An aspect that sets Scales and Tails apart is our educational program. Marine Education and Ocean Conservation is something we are passionate about and we love passing on this passion to our clients. Scales and Tails believes that instilling applicable knowledge of saltwater habitats and ocean conservation results in empowered and driven clients who want to share this knowledge with others.

Acclimation Procedure

Are you ready to introduce new live stock into your system? Click below to view our easy 5 step acclimation procedure. 

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